The Network

The network is what its name suggests; a way of connecting people in the UK together who have either experience of or an interest in Bibliodrama.  At this stage in its life, though, the main puprose of the network is to spread information about Bibliodrama and to look for new ways in which it can be explored.

To date there has been very little awareness of Bibliodrama in the Uk and there are only two known trained UK faciltators one of whom has worked in Germany.  David Tatem has led Bibliodrama workshops within the United Reformed Church but there has been little experience of it beyond that setting.  Latterly the possibility of developing Interfaith Bibliodrama has appeared and it is one of the active growth points at the moment. It can of course spread in a variety of ways.


It can develop further within Christian Churches as an ecumenical tool.  Within the European Network Catholics and Protestants work closely together.  An area of growth is in relation to Ignatian Spirituality coming from the Jesuit Catholic Tradition.  Receptive Ecumenism is a new feature of relationships between Christian of different traditions and Bibliodram can provide a different approach to that. The European Congress in 2019, held in Scotland focused on Celtic spirituality and themes around care for the creation.

That means too, that Bibliodrama can be encourgaed to develop within different faith communities.  It does not belong to any particular religion and it can develop in unique ways within the different traditions. 

Interfaith Bibliodrama is already being explored and developed.  This has the opportunity to work both bi-laterally, for example in Christian / Jewish or Chrsitian / Hindu work or multi-laterally in settings where people from a range of different religious traditions are present.  Building networked relations with existing interfaith centres is part of the role of the network.


The UK network also has its links with the European Network and the networks of other countries.  Part of its role is to be the conduit to them for cooperation and information sharing. See our page of links for more details.