Interfaith Bibliodrama

In continental Europe Bibliodrama has emerged almost exclusively in a Christian context.  In North America though, it has also evolved in a Jewish context and in some places that has led to joint Christian / Jewish Bibliodrama.  Scriptural Reasoning, a practice that invloves Christian, Jews and Muslims sharing texts from their sacred texts around a particular theme offers the possibility of taking that principle and developing it using Bibliodrama.  


It need not be confined to those three faiths and in the London EBN Congress in 2011, one workshop took texts from the New Testament and from the Bhagvad Gita.  It is an area that the network is keen to expand and explore as a way of introducing a new dimension to Interfaith Dialogue.  

Bibliodrama offers an approach to dialogue which is not just cerebral but engages the whole person.

It is the intention to offer a module on Interfaith Bibliodrama in the forthcoming European Bibliodrama Facilitators' Programme.