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is a whole person experience of engaging with sacred texts;






What is Bibliodrama?

Bibliodrama can be described as the engagement of the whole person; mind, body, senses and soul (however one might want to understand ‘soul’) with texts of scripture or themes in ways that take us deep into their meaning and implications and their interaction with our lives as individuals and individuals in community.

European Bibliodrama Network

Participants in the 2018 Congress in

Batschuns, Austria

Batschuns congress picture.jpg
The Network

is one of people from a variety of backgrounds who share an interest and involvement in the practice of Bibliodrama. It exists to encourage the exploration of Bibliodrama within and between different faith communities in the UK. It is part of the European Bibliodrama Network (EBN). Members work cooperatively with  the EBN and regularly participate as leaders and participants in the annual EBN Congress.  

Get Involved

The network is always open to new members either with experience in Bibliodrama or newcomers, it doesn't matter.

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The last European Bibliodrama Network Congress took place in Scotland at the Findhorn Foundation between August 31st and September 4th 2019

Due to the pandemic it's not been possible to hold one since, but the next one is planned for Wuppertal in Germany from 17 to 22 August 2022.  More details as they become available.

Also see the European Network Website

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