When it is in relation to sacred texts the thought of playing with the texts or the characters in the text, can leave us feeling uneasy or even that it is disrespectful or blasphemous. Being able to play is essential though, not only to Bibliodrama but to our growth and life as human beings. It's not only for children! Jesus extolled the virtues of being like small children, playful par excellence!  Far from being disrespectful, when in fact we respect the texts deeply, being able then to play with them can unlock new possibilities of interpretation, experience and understanding.  Play may not always be light hearted it can be heavy as we bring our own life experience into contact with the play of others and the story of the text.  Respect for the 'playfulness' of others is therefore always an important part of the exercise which may be engaged in with a variety of approaches; dramatic, artistic, poetic or whatever is appropriate.